“Faith renewed and satisfaction embraced upon the completion of a once imaginary lines, shapes and shadows encompassing the freedom of mind, propelled by creativity” 






With a staff force of about sixty, M. Kiandee Architect Sdn Bhd design expertise includes both new construction and renovation of existing buildings for aviation, commercial, industrial, institutional, higher education, landscaping, urban and regional planning in the public and private sectors. A high degree of mobility combined with speed of service and sophistication of communication technology has enabled the firm to provide quality architectural design services.



Architecture services at M. Kiandee Architect Sdn Bhd begin with an analysis of a client’s needs and objectives, and result in the creation of a project that meets the intended functional, economic and aesthetic requirements. The architectural team develops design concepts; translates them into detailed working drawings and specifications; assists the client in obtaining Local Authority Development Approval and negotiating bids; and helps administer construction contracts to meet quality, time and cost criteria. We consistently pursue innovation, underpinned by careful analysis, creative skill, and proven design ability.



M. Kiandee Architect Sdn Bhd‘s planning experience ranges from creating complex new development to designing entire new communities. The Firm provides a full range of facilities planning and design services to clients, keeping pace with current environment and building trends to be responsive to owners' diverse needs and issues.



We design places that integrate brand into physical surroundings, creating enriched environments that choreograph a deeper, more resonant experience for customers and employees. While one requires in-depth understanding of the clients' specific needs, the other demands design flexibility for a wide range of potential tenant types. High-rise office towers offer the unique potential of being iconic symbols within their urban environment. M. Kiandee Architect Sdn Bhd has had extensive experience in handling a wide range of office buildings in all categories.



M. Kiandee Architect Sdn Bhd has completed a wide range of institutional projects ranging from primary, secondary and tertiary educational facilities to religious buildings. With their potential for dramatic symbolism, institutional programs offer exciting design challenges which the Firm has successfully met.



Residential projects are a fundamental responsibility of all conscientious architects and can range widely to include single family houses, gated communities, housing developments, low-density apartments and exclusive high-rise condominiums and even innovative low cost houses. Ultimately, we develop a design that is sensitive to the individual considerations of the project and reflects and advances our clients’ missions. M. Kiandee Architect Sdn Bhd has extensive experience in all these areas, and continues to be a leader in the exploration of innovative design solutions.



From the conventional shop-offices to shopping complexes, retail outlets are unique in their need to incorporate special customer friendly features such as public zones spaces and art, in addition to providing flexible tenant spaces for retail activity. Recognizing this, M. Kiandee Architect Sdn Bhd has successfully completed numerous retail projects throughout Malaysia.



Leisure projects present the opportunity to explore the limits of lifestyle and fantasy. M. Kiandee Architect Sdn Bhd’s involvement in leisure development is no less extensive with projects ranging from cultural centres designed to blend with their surroundings to modern urban hotels up-market serviced apartments and unique motel concept as well as cultural facilities.



Transportation projects must satisfy their functional role as movers of people, preserve the community, quality of life, and stimulate economic development. Because we value design, at M. Kiandee Architect Sdn Bhd, we work with our clients to maximize architectural opportunities and create structures that provide not only safe and efficient transportation, but also a sense of civic identity, and remains one of the most prolific architects in this particular area.



Mixed-use development has evolved into a common feature in today's dense dynamic cities. From the design of small urban spaces to the master planning of suburbs and major infrastructure projects, M. Kiandee Architect Sdn Bhd’s depth of expertise ensures successful outcome for projects where both the Government and the private sector play significant roles.



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